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Welcome to Janky Doodles

What is this all about?

A collection of sketches, doodles, drawings done in just a few minutes. They're done with pencil on scraps of heavier paper. Some are decent, some are janky.

What are you drawing?

Anything, mostly pop culture stuff. Like characters or props from movies, television shows, comics and celebrities. I will take requests soon.

Any more details on the medium?

The paper is roughly 2.5"x3" but some are hand cut so there may be (likely are) crooked edges or defects. The pencils are whatever I have around. They could be mechanical pencils, "2 pencils, art pencils or even miniature golf pencils.


Starting with number 94 Janky Doodles will be numbered and signed on a cards that have been professionally cut and feature a printed design on the back.

Any future plans to mix it up?

Other inks, better papers, color, etc.? ...maybe.

How do I get these?

I'm not sure yet. They may be for sale, they may be free or I may keep most of them. Some are going in the mail.


Some actually did sell at the Hero Complex Gallery show: " The Imagined Worlds of del Toro, Gilliam, Kubrick, Lynch "

Why are some really so janky?

Well, sometimes they start off bad but you can still sort of tell what is going on. I figure that as long as you can tell what the subject is, then I should share it. This is not a collection of my best works. Picking between various levels of jankyness is counterproductive and not a real representation of the project. I may get flamed for some of the bad ones, and I could have hid them. But I like to think I am keeping it real (besides, there may not be any that make the cut if I get choosy)

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